After God, only the www comes close to being omni-present. 除了上帝之外,网路是唯一好像无所不在的。

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E's Mission: Everyone can learn Algebra 1 任务: 每个人都能学初等代数

Welcome to the E Website where Everybody can learn Algebra 1. We will guide you through the Algebra 1 lessons in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

欢迎来访数学共通网站。 在此地,每个人都能学习初等代数。我们将透过中英文来指导你学习初等代数学。

If you have to pass this course in school, we encourage you to slow down a little bit so that you will find that Algebra 1 is actually not that bad. It is actually fun to learn most of the time. We firmly believe that students who take an interest in a foreign language do better in math, because math is, after all, a common language across all cultures. (Join us and have fun!)

假如你是高中学生在学校必须学习这课程,我们建议你放慢脚步,这么一来,你会发现代数并没有那么难学。其实,代数学起来通常是很有意思的。我们坚信,对于外国语有兴趣的学生学起数学比较得心应手,因为数学毕竟是所有文化共通的语言。 (欢迎参加,共享其乐!)